Large Puddle Of Water In Your Yard? Check The Main Water Line

19 March 2020
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If you find a large puddle of water in your yard but can't find anything wrong inside your home, check your main water line for leaks. The main water line connects the city's water supply to the water pipes in your home. If the line is damaged in some way, it can leak water above ground. Learn more about main water line leaks below. How Did Your Main Water Line Break? Read More 

4 Ways To Maintain Your Plumbing So You Can Prevent The Need For Emergency Plumbing Repairs

6 February 2020
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Emergency plumbing services are usually available any time you need them, but an emergency call can cost more and a plumbing emergency is inconvenient. If you maintain your plumbing properly, you reduce the risk of having a plumbing emergency. Here are tips for keeping your plumbing in good repair. 1. Don't Use Chemical Cleaners Routinely If you use chemical drain cleaners regularly as a clog preventative, you might be damaging your pipes. Read More