DIY Ways to Fix Your Gas Heater

7 October 2014
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Nothing instills a feeling of dread more than turning on your gas furnace and hearing only a dry click. However, there are a few simple fixes you can attempt before calling the professionals. Read on to learn more about how you can fix your broken or malfunctioning gas heater. Diagnosis The key to identifying which component has a problem is in identifying the problem itself. Below are some common issues, as well as the typical causes of these issues. Read More 

The Type Of Pipe Used Is Very Important In A Household

16 September 2014
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What plumbing to consider The plumbing in a house is very important. Some are easier to use than others. Some may be difficult to deal with, but have other benefits. Each choice needs to be considered for future use, not just speed and ease of installation. While it is well known that most people use some version of vinyl, known to most as PVC or CPVC. The plumbers usually suggest it and never allow for any other choice. Read More