Five Bad Habits That Necessitate Toilet Repairs

13 January 2021
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If your toilet is malfunctioning, you need to schedule a prompt repair. Knowing the cause of the malfunction is also important so you don't repeat the problem.

1. Flushing the Wrong Things

A clogged toilet must be repaired, but you will then need to take steps to avoid subsequent clogs. The toilet is not a garbage can. Nothing should go down the toilet other than human waste and toilet paper. Wet wipes, diapers, hygiene products, and floss must all go in the garbage, even if the packaging declares that these items are flushable. Putting items such as these down the toilet increases the chances for a major clog and sewage backup.

2. Ignoring a Loose Toilet

A loose toilet is likely a leaking toilet, whether or not you can see the leak. Toilets are sealed to the floor and the sewage pipe via a wax seal. If this seal breaks, then the toilet will be loose and sewage may leak from the pipe with every use. This sewage moisture is often trapped in between the floorboards, where you may not be able to see it but it will still cause water damage. If your toilet is loose, the seal must be replaced and the toilet tightened to the ground.

3. Jiggling the Handle

When the toilet keeps running after a flush is completed, most people simply jiggle the handle to get it to stop. This isn't an issue if it is only an occasional occurrence. The problem is if the toilet handle needs to be jiggled after every flush. This means that something is wrong with the flushing mechanism or the mechanisms inside the toilet tank. A repair of these mechanisms will solve the problem.

4. Using the Wrong Cleaning Tools

If the bowl of your toilet is scratched, it must be replaced. How you clean your toilet matters. Stick to nylon scrub brushes, non-abrasive sponges, and cleaning liquids designed for use on porcelain toilets. Using overly abrasive cleaners can scratch the finish in the toilet bowl and in the waste pipe entrance. Porcelain is porous, so water can leach through the toilet if the waterproof finish is scratched. Further, avoid using metal drain snakes and similar hard objects when attempting to clear a blockage, as these can also scratch the porcelain.

5. Grabbing the Liquid Drain Cleaner

When your toilet is clogged, avoid the temptation to use a liquid drain cleaner. These cleaners don't typically work and they can be dangerous if they overflow out of the bowl. Instead, try to clear your toilet with a plunger. If this fails, then call in a plumber for a repair.

Contact a local plumber if you need help with toilet repairs.