Large Puddle Of Water In Your Yard? Check The Main Water Line

19 March 2020
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If you find a large puddle of water in your yard but can't find anything wrong inside your home, check your main water line for leaks. The main water line connects the city's water supply to the water pipes in your home. If the line is damaged in some way, it can leak water above ground. Learn more about main water line leaks below.

How Did Your Main Water Line Break? 

The main water line transports clean water from the city directly to your home. The line typically sits 3 feet or less below the ground. If the line suddenly breaks or leaks, the soil and rocks surrounding it will become soaked or filled with water. A large pool of water will eventually form in the grass growing over your main water line.

You want to locate, repair, or replace the broken water line as soon as possible. Main water line leaks can cause multiple problems for you and the city. The puddling water may run off your property and enter the city street, or the water can soften and loosen up your soil. 

A broken or leaking main water line can also lower the pressure in your plumbing lines and fixtures. The water coming out of your faucets may slow down to a slow stream or drip. It may also take too long to fill up your dishwasher, bathtub, or sinks. 

Main water line problems can be frustrating and potentially disruptive for your household. If you reach out to a plumber, they can examine and/or repair your main water line right away.

How Do You Detect the Problem in Your Main Water Line?

In order to diagnose and fix your main water line properly, a plumber must examine it first. A plumber can use various leak detection methods to locate the problem in your main water line. Most service technicians use leak detection equipment to inspect main water lines. Leak detection equipment, such as electronic water sensors and infrared cameras, may be tools used by a technician. 

Some plumbers use special listening devices to find problems in plumbing lines and other structures. This type of equipment can pick up the sounds water makes as it escapes pipes, such as hissing and swooshing. The equipment's audio technology amplifies the sounds, which can help find the location of the leaking water in a timely manner.

Once a contractor learns more about your main water line, they can suggest the best way to address it. 

If you need leak detection services for your main water line, contact a plumber online or by phone today.