4 Ways To Maintain Your Plumbing So You Can Prevent The Need For Emergency Plumbing Repairs

6 February 2020
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Emergency plumbing services are usually available any time you need them, but an emergency call can cost more and a plumbing emergency is inconvenient. If you maintain your plumbing properly, you reduce the risk of having a plumbing emergency. Here are tips for keeping your plumbing in good repair.

1. Don't Use Chemical Cleaners Routinely

If you use chemical drain cleaners regularly as a clog preventative, you might be damaging your pipes. Chemical cleaners are hard on pipes and dangerous to use. If you use them routinely, your pipes could be damaged eventually, and that could lead to a pipe leak you'll have to repair. If your plumbing is old, the pipes might be corroded and weak, which makes them more susceptible to damage from chemical drain cleaners.

2. Flush Paper That Breaks Apart Fast

Some toilet paper is thick and strong, which seems nice, but it can be hard on your septic system, and it can even cause pipe clogs since it doesn't break down very fast. Choose toilet paper that's safe for septic tanks even if you use the municipal sewer. That way, you'll know you're using toilet paper that will dissolve fast in water.

You can even test how fast it dissolves by putting the paper in a glass of water. Paper towels and wet wipes shouldn't be flushed because they can just build up until they cause a clog.

3. Call A Plumber To Fix Leaks Fast

A plumbing leak is a major problem for your home, even if the leak is small and seems like no big deal. When water drips constantly, you'll waste a lot of water. That could run up your power bill, and if the drip or leak doesn't land in the sink bowl, the water will eventually cause water damage you'll have to repair. A leak might even be a sign of impending pipe failure, so you want the repairs done fast before the pipe bursts.

Have plumbing repairs done by a plumber unless you have experience and know what you're doing. Mistakes with plumbing repairs can be costly if something goes wrong and you end up with a big leak and water flooding your home.

4. Pull Hair Out Of The Shower Drain Regularly

Hair is the enemy of tubs and showers. Hair builds up fast and it collects soap scum to form a greasy clog in the drain. Bathtub and shower drains can be difficult to clear by plunging, so it's good to take steps to keep hair out of the drains so a clog won't form and you don't need to call a plumber. Buy a hair filter at the hardware store and a small hair snagging tool. Both of these are inexpensive, and they'll keep the hair out of your drains.