Exploring Basic Plumbing Pipes You May Encounter As A Home Owner

2 August 2016
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Trying to do the plumbing yourself is often time-consuming and confusing. Part of this is due to all the different types of pipes you could come across in your own home. These types of pipes need to be cared for in various ways and are susceptible to different problems. Here's a look at the basic plumbing pipes you will likely come across in stores and in your home during remodeling projects.

PEX for Water Supply Lines

When all you need is something for your water supply, PEX piping is a common option. This is color-coded and made of plastic. It's extremely flexible, allowing for most curves in the home. It's one of the most popular options used in home remodeling and building now, so you will likely come across it in your home.

Polyvinyl Chloride for Drains and Vents

When you need something for draining, you'll want to look at polyvinyl chloride, also known as PVC. This is lighter than steel, and much easier for DIYers to use themselves. It's not suitable for supplying your water, but will work for waste and stack needs. Your guttering pipes are likely made of PVC because they work for draining the water and are light enough to protect the structure of your home.

Cast Iron for Draining

If your home was built before 1960 and hasn't been modernized, you may come across cast iron for the draining needs. It's worth considering replacing these pipes, as they are highly susceptible to rusting. However, they are durable. You can just replace the rusted sections to keep the cost down. It's not a type of piping you'll likely come across in stores anymore.

Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene for Residential Buildings

This type of piping is also known as ABS, and was the first type of plastic piping ever used. It isn't as popular anymore, due to the lack of durability. The joints would come loose very easily, and plumbers moved onto the use of PVC for draining needs. It may still be in your residential building, and may be worth replacing with PVC. You'll know if it is ABS as it is pure black piping, compared to the white or cream of PVC.

Copper for Water Supply Lines

Copper is one of the most common types of piping used for supplying water to homes because it is so durable. It is highly resistible to corrosion, and can be buried deep underground. The downside is the cost: it costs more than PEX, so DIYers on a budget may sacrifice durability for their budget. You can get flexible copper for dishwashers and indoor appliances or rigid for outdoor use.

When it comes to DIY plumbing, be prepared. You'll need to know which types of pipes you may come across and what you can use to replace anything damaged. For more information, contact a company like Silver Creek Plumbing.