Water, Water Everywhere: 3 Steps To Dealing With Watery Plumbing Messes

17 May 2016
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When your home has been flooded, you will want to begin the process of restoration quickly. This often means that you need to start bailing the water out ahead of time. The sooner you start dealing with the watery mess in your home caused by plumbing problems, the less likely you are to have additional costly repairs. Here are some of the steps you will want to take to deal with your watery plumbing messes:

1. Finding The Source Of Your Watery Problems And Cutting It Off

The first thing you will want to do when you have a problem with the plumbing in your home is cut the water off. If the problem is a burst pipe or water line, this can be as simple as turning the water service off. Other problems like clogged drains or backflow can be more difficult. If water is backing up in a drain, try to find a cleanout and open it. These are the caps on the end of sewer and drain lines to allow access to problems. If the problem is an appliance, turn the water off to the appliance and drain the water out.

2. Getting Whatever You Can To Start Pumping Or Siphoning The Water Out

The main focus of dealing with your water problem should be getting the water out after you have stopped it at the source. This is something that can be done with solutions like pumping the water out or using a hose to siphon it out. You can use both a pump or wet/dry vacuum and a hose to get more water pumped. Another trick you may want to try is connecting a garden hose to the drain plug of a wet/dry vacuum, which works well with the commercial-style vacuums.

3. Dealing With Problems That Continue 

Even when you do everything possible to deal with plumbing problems, you may still have water to deal with. If it is just a small dripping from pipes, use a bucket or whatever you have available to catch the water. If it is a problem with water continuing to flood into your home, keep pumping it out and contact a full service plumbing contractor to get help with your plumbing emergency.

These are some simple steps you can take to deal with a watery plumbing mess. Once you have the water under control, contact a plumbing service to help with repairs that you need to the plumbing. For a plumber, click this link http://tcrrooterandplumbing.com or do an online search.