Five Simple Ways To Reduce Your Home's Water Consumption

16 May 2016
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Water is a precious resource. It takes a lot of energy to clean water and deliver it to your home. For this reason, reducing your water consumption is good for the planet. It's also good for your wallet! Use these five simple tips to reduce your home's water consumption.

Switch to low-volume faucets.

Low-volume faucets allow a smaller amount of water out at a time than normal faucets. But, they aerate the water and force it out in a more powerful stream so you really don't notice you're using less water. Purchase a set of low-volume faucets, and install them throughout your home. You can even hire a plumber to professionally do this for you.

Use salvaged water to water plants.

Instead of using fresh water to water your garden, use water that you've already used to shower. Block the tub drain while you're showering, and then bail out the water with buckets before dumping it onto your garden. If you want to take this to the next level, consider having a plumber re-work your system so that water from your shower is automatically collected in a reserve tank that's connected to a hose.

Choose plants with lower moisture requirements.

If you live in a hot, dry climate, don't plant plants that need the soil to be moist all of the time. Even in a more moderate climate, choosing plants with lower water requirements will allow you to use less water in maintaining them.  Some ideas include Sunset Strain, an evergreen plant with orange and pink blooms, and Libertia peregrinans, a relative of the iris with clusters of white flowers.

Wash fewer clothes.

Don't do a load of laundry until you have a full load to do. Also, try to reduce the total amount of clothes you're washing. Don't toss your jeans in the wash after you've only worn them for a couple of hours. Wear them again first. Use your towels for a few days rather than just one.

Watch the water meter.

Pay close attention to your water bills. Monitor your usage over time, and if it goes up for seemingly no reason, contact a plumber sooner rather than later. Unexplained water bill spikes are usually caused by leaks, and the sooner you get the leak fixed the less water you'll waste.

As you can see, it only takes a few small changes to reduce your water consumption and benefit the planet. Contact plumbing companies in your area for more information.