Important Reasons Why You Need A Water Softener For Your Home

10 May 2016
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Have you moved to a new house, only to find that your washing machine seems to be making your clothes dirtier instead of cleaner? Does it seem like no matter what you do, cleaning anything around your home is more of a challenge than you're used to? Even if you only moved a relatively short distance, your new home could be using a different water treatment plant or water source. This means that your problems may stem not from failing machines or a lack of elbow grease, but may instead be caused by hard water. Besides doing laundry, here are some other reasons why you should consider having a water softener installed in your home (by professionals such as those from Optimum Plumbing LLC): 

Water heater damage: If you suffer from hard water, it could be extremely damaging to your water heater. Some of the minerals in the water can precipitate out, piling up at the bottom of the hot water tank. After a while, this can cause premature failure of the heating element. Another big issue is that your hot water pipes can become clogged with hard water mineral deposits, resulting in entire sections of pipe needing to be replaced. Installing a water softener, at least on your hot water line, will remove these troublesome minerals and help make your water heater and piping last longer. 

Doing dishes: Hard water doesn't just make it difficult to clean clothes. It can also result in residue on your dishes. If your dishes have unsightly spots or otherwise look dirty, even after they've been thoroughly washed, this is often a result of hard water. A water softener can prevent soap scum buildup and water spots, leaving you with sparkling clean dishes. 

Bathing and showering: If you take a bath or shower in hard water, you may waste a lot of soap and shampoo. It can be difficult to get a good lather in hard water, resulting in you using more soap and shampoo than you would otherwise. Once you rinse off, you may still feel dirty or scummy because of mineral deposits on your skin. This may result in you showering or bathing a second or third time, in an attempt to remove this "dirt" from your skin and hair. Because the minerals are removed from the water and don't build up on your skin, a good water softener will help you to feel cleaner after a bath or shower. Without the layer of minerals on your skin, your skin may even feel slightly younger and you may also find that you need to use less lotion.