3 Reasons to Use a Plumbing Contractor to Remodel Your Bathroom

9 May 2016
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One of the most complicated and difficult home renovation projects that you can undertake is in the bathroom, particularly if you are planning on changing the entire layout of the bathroom. In that situation, there are a number of things that can go wrong, which is why this type of renovation is best left to a licensed plumbing contractor. Listed below are just a few of the reasons to hire a plumbing contractor to remodel your bathroom.

1. Evaluate Pipes

One of the best ways to have a plumbing contractor assist you is by having him or her evaluate all of your pipes. The purpose of this evaluation will be to determine if any of your pipes can be reused before you spend a lot of money on new pipes. In addition, the plumber will also determine if any of the pipes currently in use should be completely replaced due to their age in order to avoid a potential leak or flood in a few months or years.

2. Route Pipes

Another reason that a licensed plumbing contractor is essential for a bathroom renovation is that routing pipes throughout your walls to accommodate a new bathroom layout, tub, toilet, or sink can often be a very confusing and frustrating project. This job is difficult and confusing because you will have to find a way to fit all of those pipes into a relatively small space within your walls while still placing them in safe areas where potential damage or injuries can be avoided. For example, a plumbing contractor can ensure that your pipes are routed away from electrical wiring and components as much as possible in order to avoid electrical damage in the event of a water leak and to minimize the chances of someone being shocked.

3. Utilize Proper Fittings

Finally, you will want to hire a plumbing contractor in order to get help with selecting and utilizing the proper fittings for your pipes and new fixtures. This is vital, as utilizing the wrong size or material of gaskets could easy result in reduced water flow, which can lead to excess pressure in the pipes. This pressure can then cause the water to leak around the fittings and joints or cause the pipes to burst altogether, which can cause extensive damage to your entire bathroom. 

Contact a plumbing contractor today to discuss how he or she might be able to assist you with your bathroom renovation project. This type of contractor can help you by evaluating whether pipes can be reused, routing pipes in the safest and most efficient way, and utilizing proper fittings to avoid future complications. Contact a representative from Jim Dhamer Plumbing & Sewer, Inc. to get started.