The Pros And Cons Of A Heat Pump Powered Water Heater

2 May 2016
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When the time comes that you need a new hot water heater, you have the options to switch to a new model that heats the water in a different way. Instead of going with traditional gas, you may be considering a heat pump powered water heater. These don't use a flame for the heating element, but concentrate heat to a specific area as opposed to dispersing the heat. It's a unique heating method that has it's own pros and cons. Here is what you need to know to make an informed decision.

Pros of a Heat Pump Powered Water Heater

You'll find that the water heater is very efficient, since they don't heat the water directly. The water heater is placed in a room of your home that has excessive amounts of heat, such as your furnace room, and moves the heat from that appliance to your water heater. Since it doesn't need to create heat, it uses much less energy to operate. This will translate to lower utility bills that will put money back into your pocket.

The heat pump water heating method offers a convenience that other water heaters do not provide. Since it removes the heat from a room, the water heater acts like an air conditioner when it's hot inside your home. If you live in a warmer climate, the condenser portion of the heat pump can be placed outside. No matter where the heat comes from, this water heater can work the way you need it to.

The water tank for this type of water heater is also quite bigger than traditional tanks. It will guarantee that you have a big reserve of water ready to go when you need it.

Cons of a Heat Pump Powered Water Heater

A problem you may run into is the recover time. The tank is much larger because it can take a while to heat the water. While a family of two may not have an issue with this, it could be a problem for a larger family that all like to shower in the morning.

The price is also more expensive than other water heaters, which is not ideal if you have a budget you need to stick to. However, keep in mind that your energy savings can help offset the additional cost for the water heater.

If you think a heat pump powered hot water heater is ideal for your home, work with a local plumbing service to have one installed.