4 Places You Can Install A Water Heater In Your Home

2 May 2016
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When installing a water heater for the very first time you will have complete control over where it is installed. While the hot water heater can be installed almost anywhere, here are some things to consider about 4 different locations for this important household appliance.  

Your Attic

Installing a hot water heater inside an attic may seem weird, but some homeowners don't have any other options. This is common if the home does not have a basement area or a town home that is very narrow but has several floors. The attic may be the ideal place in either of these types of homes.

The biggest concern with placing a water heater in an attic is what to do if it were to leak. If the tank rusts through, it could cause a big mess with water leaking onto the ceiling of the room beneath the tank. This problem can be alleviated by installing a drain pan beneath the hot water heater for if it were to fail, but it will increase the cost of installation.

Your Basement

A basement is a relatively safe place to install a water heater, but not all homes have a basement to do so. One consideration you'll need to make is installing the hot water heater on a raised platform. If your basement were to flood with water, it will keep the water heater safe and avoid an expensive unplanned replacement.

Installing the hot water heater in the basement also allows for easy ventilation. You should have no problem venting a gas hot water heater to the outside with easy access to the basement walls.

Your Closet

Don't have a basement or a large attic? You can always install a hot water heater in a closet. While you'll lose some storage space, it will allow you to easily have access to the unit for maintenance. If the closet is not on an exterior wall, you will be limited to using an electric water heater since you won't be able to easily vent the unit to the outside.

Your Garage

An attached garage is a great place to place a water heater. Chances are it won't be affected by flooding, and if it leaks it will cause very little damage to the area. The biggest concern is how far away the garage is from the faucets and showers in your home. It could take a while for hot water to reach a faucet if it is far away from the hot water tank.

For help installing a hot water heater in any of these locations, contact a local plumber (such as one from RK Knight Plumbing).