Creating an Arthritic-Friendly Bathroom

29 April 2016
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When you have arthritis it can be hard to do a lot of the things you used to take for granted, this includes navigating the bathroom without pain. If you are tired of having a difficult time every time you go to take care of your bathroom and hygiene needs, then you may want to consider making some changes in the bathroom that will help to create an environment that's more arthritis-friendly and caters to your needs. Some ideas that you may want to consider can be found in this article.

Have your current shower replaced

If you currently have a stand-up shower, then you may want to have a new one installed that has seats and easy-to-reach shelves in it. While you can bring a shower chair into most stand-up showers, it can be painful and difficult to drag them in and out when you are a person who suffers with arthritis pain. Having built-in seats already in the shower allows you to shower without all of the preparation of using a big and awkward shower chair.

Have a walk-in tub installed

If you currently use a bathtub, then you may not look forward to soaking in the bath the way you once did. It can be hard, and even dangerous, to climb over the side, and then you have to work your way all the way to ground level. Even when you run hot water in the tub, the surface of the bath tub will stay cold for a while; something else that can make your arthritis feel worse. Walk-in tubs allow you to step right inside, using the convenient door. They also have seats that can be heated, so you are comfortable from the moment you enter the tub.

Put grab bars around the bathroom

If you have found that there are areas of the bathroom where you have a hard time navigating without hurting yourself or almost tripping or falling, then you want to install grab bars in those areas. One example of a place where grab bars can be helpful is next to the toilet. This way, you can count on them to help you get off the toilet without difficulty.

Install a taller toilet

When you have arthritis in your knees, hips or back, you can find it painful to sit on the toilet and to stand up from sitting on it. If you are experiencing pain when you use your toilet, think about going with a taller one that helps prevent these problems.

These changes are going to make all of the difference to your ability to use your bathroom without all the pain and discomfort you normally suffer through.

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