The Advantages Of A Hybrid Water Heater

28 April 2016
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Hybrid water heaters are an alternative model of water heater that combine the features of both tankless and traditional storage tank water heaters, hence their name. The hybridization of these two very common types of water heaters provides a number of benefits. Understanding what a hybrid water heater can offer your home can help you decide whether or not a hybrid unit is right for your home's plumbing system.

Advantages of Hybrid Water Heaters

Instant Hot Water: Hybrid water heaters have a small reserve storage tank, which is kept hot at all times through the use of either gas or electricity, depending on the model of water heater. This small tank provides a buffer, and allows for hot water to be delivered throughout your home instantly. The water heater will then work to heat up more water and provide it to your water-using appliances, which provides a steady stream of hot water without having to wait for the temperature to rise. This is a huge convenience factor, and will save you money in the long run as you won't have to let the shower or taps run to get warm.

High Efficiency: Hybrid water heaters are extremely efficient at using energy to heat up your home's water supply. Unlike traditional storage water heaters, hybrid water heaters only have to keep a small amount of water heated in their tank, which reduces the overall energy usage and wastage over time. Then, since that stored water is only used as a buffer and the rest of your hot water is heated as you need it, the energy savings are compounded. This will result in lower energy bills over time, which can help offset the initial cost of a hybrid water heater.

Ease of Installation: Hybrid water heaters are extremely easy to install, because they use the exact same connections as traditional storage water heaters. This means that you won't have to retrofit your new water heater onto your plumbing, as is the case with some new tankless water heaters. Furthermore, hybrid water heaters are much smaller than traditional storage water heaters, as their tank holds significantly less water, which means that the installation process is relatively simple, saving you time and money, and that you won't lose as much space in your home to your water heater, giving you more storage options or even living space.

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