Keeping Your Salon Drains Clean

25 April 2016
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Good plumbing plays an essential role in the success of any beauty salon. Without functioning sinks it would be difficult for stylists to rinse their clients' hair after a color application or keep their tools properly sanitized.

If you are tired of battling plumbing issues in your own salon, here are two things you can do to help keep drains clean and prevent clogs in the future.

1. Install traps in all the sinks in your salon.

Hair can easily become caught in drainage pipes, causing the drains in your salon's sinks to clog. One of the easiest ways to prevent hair from putting a damper on your pipes' ability to drain properly is by installing a trap in each of the sinks throughout your salon.

Traps are U-shaped sections of pipe that always contain a small amount of water to help prevent sewer gas and smells from drifting up through your drains and into your salon space. These traps collect hair before it has the opportunity to ball up in your pipes and prevent water from draining.

By collecting hair close to the drain, a plumbing trap allows you to clear obstructions easily and without opening up walls or removing flooring to access clogged pipes.

2. Conduct weekly maintenance to keep drains clean.

Stylists frequently clean out sink bowls to keep a salon sanitary for clients, but the drains in each sink can be overlooked when it comes to regular maintenance. Adding your sinks' drains to the weekly cleaning list can be a tremendous help when it comes to reducing the number of clogs your salon experiences.

An easy way to get your drains clean without putting additional chemicals down your salon sinks is to use baking soda and white vinegar. Start by pouring about half a small box of baking soda down each sink's drain. Follow with a cup of white vinegar, and let the mixture sit for 30 minutes.

As the baking soda and vinegar interact, they work together to both break up the grease and oil found in many salon products and disinfect the interior of your plumbing pipes. Rinse the mixture down with hot water, and you will remove the gunk from the interior walls of your pipes that can cause your plumbing to clog up in the future.

Taking care of the drains in your salon is essential. Be sure that you have traps installed on each sink to catch hair, and clean your drains weekly to ensure that clogs don't compromise your ability to service clients in your salon.

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