4 Effective Ways To Keep Your Sewer Lines Flowing Freely

25 April 2016
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If you have a sewer system, there are certain steps you can take to ensure that your sewer lines do not back up, but rather flow freely without any issues. Here are four effective tips for keeping your sewer lines working well this year. 

#1 Install A Backwater Prevention Valve

If you really want to make sure that your sewer never backs up, you need to install a backwater prevention valve.  This valve is also sometimes referred to as a back flow valve. This is a fixture that you add onto your sewer drainage pipeline in your basement or crawlspace before the line branches off. It only allows sewage to flow out of your home; if sewer starts to flow the wrong way, the valve is designed to close and stop the flow.

#2 Replace Old Sewer Lines

If your sewage system is made out of either metal or clay sewer lines, you may want to consider upgrading your sewage lines. These lines can easily be infiltrated by both roots and rocks, which can lead to unexpected damage to your sewer system.

When upgrading your sewage lines, you should use PVC or another form of plastic sewage pipes which are not as easily infiltrated by natural elements. 

#3 Keep An Eye On Your Sewage Field

Your sewage field is the area where your sewage tank is located outside under the ground. The area directly above your sewage tank, as well as the area surrounding it, is your sewage field. 

When it is dry outside and there has not been rain in at least a couple of days and you have not watered the area either, walk around your sewage field. The ground should feel solid. If the ground feels soft there may be a leak in your sewage water line. 

This is not something you can prevent; rather, it is something to be aware of and be vigilant about. 

#4 Be Aware Of What Goes Down Your Drain

Finally, you need to be aware of what goes down your drains in your house. In your kitchen, keep food scraps, oils and grease out of your drains; these items do not decompose well in your septic tank. 

In your bathroom, make sure that you are only flushing toilet paper. Put a trash bin with a lid next to your toilet for items such as feminine products and sanitary wipes. 

By taking the steps above, you can ensure that your sewage system work effectively and you never have to deal with a backed up sewer or major emergency. Contact a business, such as All Clear Pumping & Sewer, for more information.