Tips For Preventing A Clog In Your Bathtub

13 April 2016
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Not only is a clogged bathtub drain an inconvenience, but it can result in long-term damage. For starters, the water has to go somewhere. If it cannot go down the drain, it is going to sit in the tub or leak out onto the bathroom floor and cause water damage. Fortunately, there are some helpful tips to prevent your bathtub from clogging you can use.

Clean Your Bathtub

It is good bathroom hygiene to clean the bathtub once a week, or more often if you prefer. When you clean your bathtub, remove the drain cover and scrub the exterior of the pipes with a brush. It is also a good idea to pour a drain cleaner, such as Draino, as it will push anything loose out of the drain and kill bacteria.

Pour Hot Water Down the Drain

It is good practice to pour a gallon of hot water down your drain at least once a month. If you wait until the drain is dry, a gallon of hot water will loosen any hair in the main pipes. After doing so, run warm water for about five minutes to make sure that everything gets flushed out.

Be Careful with What You Dump Down the Drain

Generally, do not dump any harsh paper products, paint, or feminine hygiene products down any drain. The entire plumbing system is one unit, so dumping unsuitable objects in other drains will back up the entire system, including the bathtub.

Utilize a Drain Screen

A drain screen fits right over the opening, and it will stop any debris from going inside the drain. It is important that you clean the drain cover from said debris after every shower, though.

Invest in a Hair Catcher

Unless everyone who uses your shower is bald, a hair catcher is a great investment. It is a plumbing tool that sits in the drain and catches all of the hair that falls out of your head while you are showering. You will need to empty the hair catcher a few times a month. You can also decrease the amount of hair you lose while you are in the shower by brushing your hair beforehand.

If you already have a clogged bathroom drain, you may need the assistance of a plumber to fix the clog. The tips above may be able to prevent you from having history repeat itself once you get the clogged drain fixed.