The Type Of Pipe Used Is Very Important In A Household

16 September 2014
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What plumbing to consider

The plumbing in a house is very important. Some are easier to use than others. Some may be difficult to deal with, but have other benefits. Each choice needs to be considered for future use, not just speed and ease of installation. While it is well known that most people use some version of vinyl, known to most as PVC or CPVC. The plumbers usually suggest it and never allow for any other choice. A homeowner should be aware beforehand.

Different types of pipes

The multiple types of pipes can make someone scratch their head, as seen in this article. Here are some simple categories for you to look into.

  1. Vinyl- Most people know this as PVC, but there are other choices. CPVC can handle temperatures that are around 180 degrees. These two choices take cement to bond them to joints and each other. Too much can cause the pipe to break down and too little causes leaks.
  2. Cast Iron- The most difficult to install, but fireproof and muffles the noise of water going through the pipes. The biggest headache is that the pipes have to be threaded when gotten from the store.
  3. Copper- Copper is easier to deal with than iron, but a little harder than vinyl. The lengths have to have a cutter similar to what is used with PVC, but needs spot welded at joints. Copper pipes also have the risk of microbiologically influenced corrosion.
  4. PEX- These pipes are made from a polymer and are made with an internal fitting. This allows the pipes to be put together quickly and easily. The coils just require tools to crimp and clamp. The pipes are a little less durable and the fittings require soldering. It is flexible.

The bad sides

One of the first things that people need to consider if they want to do any work themselves, each type requires separate tools. So, it would be easier for a house to only have one type. (For more questions on plumbing, go to

  1. PVC is not only flammable, it is considered combustible.
  2. PVC breaks down when covered in petroleum products.
  3. PEX is flammable, unless bought with an aluminum core.
  4. Copper has the greatest chance for corrosion. Water staying too long in the pipes cause this.
  5. Cast iron will corrode inside, but the biggest headache comes from it clogging the pipe.
  6. If the water source has a high sulfur content, this can corrode metal pipes.